Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five for Friday I love Summer!

I am back into my blog.  It has been months since I last blogged.  I have spent some time this past week reading some blogs and remembering how much I enjoy them, so my goal is to blog more!!

I am linking up with one of my favorites....I am linking up with 
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So this is what I have been up to in July.....
We just returned from a family vacation to Florida!  
3 days in Orlando (Universal)
3 Days in the Keys (Tropical Paradise)
3 Days in  Naples (Relaxing)
I loved every minute of it!  To all of you Florida Bloggers out there, I envy you!!!  
Nebraska is a great place for a family, but it is NOT tropical.  No palm trees, or ocean breeze here.

The one exciting part of ending our vacation was coming home to 
this adorable dog named Cooper!!  We love him so much, and I know the grandparents
were so ready to give him back to us!
I have been working on some products for my store over the past couple
of weeks.  One of my favorite things to make with my kindergarten kids
are class books! 
We can never have enough of these.  I start
the first week of school.  Everyone is responsible for one page of the book,
I have an "artist" work on the front cover, we laminate, and bind.  My students
love to read these books over and over during the school year.  I even have 
a special canvas bag from Vista Print that I use for sending home a book overnight with
my students.  At the end of the year everyone gets to choose a book to keep!

Back to School Shopping!  I have been doing a little school/classroom supply
shopping this past week!  There are so many wonderful things out there!
One thing I have added to my list for sure are these Mr. Sketch Scented Markers!
This pack was Movie Night Scents- How Fun!  My students LOVED 
using the smelly markers
in whole group.  I write a morning message for my student each day.  
They circle sight words 
with these markers.  I never had any trouble getting volunteers to come 
up when these markers were out!

One of my wonderful teammates introduced my to Pigeon Books by Mo Williams!  
I must have been living under a rock the past few years.  These books are
just perfect for Kindergarten!  My kids can NOT get enough of them.  Look
at these adorable soft friends (they are sold at Barnes and Noble)
 I need to buy these soon!