Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday and the first weeks

I am sooooooooo tired!  These first 3 weeks are tough!  And I have a really sweet class.  Kinders just take everything out of you. (I still wouldn't change it for the world.)  We had a really busy week....

I am linking up with Fun in First Grade Five For Friday

We are learning the sight words I & am.  Here is a really sweet paper they did with a self portrait and their age.  I have a few six year olds, and 15 of my kids are 5. 

Another focus this week was FAMILY.  We talked about who was in our family and who lives in our home.  This little project is one of my all time favorites.  I just laugh when I see their adorable illustrations!  Too funny.
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The last great project of the week was from Caitlin over at Kindergarten Smiles
Kindergarten teachers love teaching: A dot is a lot!!!!  I think my kinders got it after completing this adorable glue apple project. 
We had to add some red glitter to really glam it up. 
The green dots are a little secret....


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colorful Wordwall

School started a week ago, and I finally found some time to put up my word wall!  I am really happy with how colorful it turned out.  I chose blue and green paper and had them laminated.  I printed out my zebra alphabet circles, and hung them up!  I put up our first two words yesterday.  Just in time! 

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jungle Back to School Find

I am back to work tomorrow :(    I had to do all of my back to school shopping this past week!  I really didn't have as much time as I wanted though!  One of my favorite finds was at Walmart.  I was picking up supplies for my daughter to go back to school, and found myself adding my own things to the cart.  Since I have a jungle theme, I had to have these clip boards!  So cute. 

 I really wanted more, but I kept myself under control.  I also added this cute mini stapler.  My kinder kids love to staple!  We will see how long it lasts, hopefully more than a month!

I also have tons of laminating to cut!  Here are my cute little name tags I will be using this year.  Head over to my store to pick these up!  My little trick is.... I hot glue them to the table.  Just a dot of glue right in the middle.  It holds for weeks, and can be scraped right off the table with ease.

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This is one the posters included with the name tags!