Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer and Ice Cream Fun!

It is finally summer break!  I have actually put my computer away for the past 2 weeks so I could enjoy time with my own kids :)   Summer goes too fast for me!  Now I am back to work, creating like all teachers do during their summers!  

One of my favorite summer treats is.....ICE CREAM CONES!  The first month of school we usually do some sort of name project and talk about the letters in our names.  Then we sort them according to the number of letters in their names.  I decided to create this cute little ice cream cone project for this next school year!  
Click here to get this ICE CREAM project!

My students get to color and decorate the scoops of ice cream for their cones.  It will be perfect for counting letters in their names.  Since it will be the beginning of the year, and my kinders are just barely writing letters, I will probably let them do the coloring, then I will take a sharpie and write their letters really large on each scoop.  I will mix up their scoops and have them put the letters in the names back in order, now they can glue!  There is also a fun graphing page included!  I have higher kids that will really love comparing our results!


Now I am off to the store to get more ice cream for me!  Happy Summer!!!!

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