Saturday, February 2, 2013

100th Day and Huge Sale

Well we made it to our 100th day!  My favorite part after the 100th day is counting backwards!  We only have 76 days left!!!!  Yipee!  

Our 100th day was great!  We had so many different activities.  I always over plan!  We started our day by coming into the room under our GIANT 100th day banner handing in the doorway.  Then we got to see all of the different 100th day shirts our students wore to school.  (One of my favorites). 

We wrote 100 words by making 5 groups of students!  We did some fun 100 days I spy pages, we make a mini book of 100.  We made 100th day crowns! (this was their favorite) 

The cutest activity was their 100th day old people and writing project!  My teammate had the idea to make these old people, and I decided to add a little writing piece to go with it!  So Fun!!!

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