Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fancy Fall and Freebie

Since fall happens to be my favorite season, I have been busy getting some things hung up around the room to help us all get excited about the season change! 

When my kids returned from gym today I surprised them with a giant fall tree in our classroom.  The only problem was it was bare.  They were super excited about coloring giant leaves to put on the tree.  Later when I had the leaves on the tree, they were all gatherered around looking for the one they had colored.  Put a smile on my face :) 
Click here for your own fall leaves Freebie!

This week we painted in our warm colors again. I did this same project last year, but added larger paper (12 x 12) this year. First we sponge painted on white, then we added the black fall frame. They could choose between leaves, or a tree. It was a fun project!

Here are some giant leave freebies for you to use this fall!!

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