Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of the Year Gifts...

If you are like me, you wait until the very last minute to throw together your end of the year gifts.  I really loved my class this year, and wanted to have a little something for them to start off their summer break.  I came up with some bottles of water, flavor packets, and twisty straws.  I put them in a cute little summer bags, and attached a cute little poem I wrote!  

I also decided I wanted to do something for my volunteers.  I really had great ones this year!!  I  worked in a building for 10 years without 1 single volunteer,  and now I work in a building where we are so spoiled with great parents!  I really makes you appreciate your volunteers. Since I had a number of them, I needed to choose something simple and inexpensive.  I went with King Sized Peanut M&M's in a cute little bag, with a poem.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Sale

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I am linking up up with Hadar,  Teri, and April, for their Summer Bucket List Linky Party!  I can NOT wait to get my summer started.  8 more days till relaxation!!!    

This summer I want to:

Read: I want to sit out on my deck, with a nice cold refreshment and read.   I have read the first 7 pages of Hunger Games and can't seem to make anymore time for books.

Play Golf: I have been trying to make time for golf every summer.  It is a very difficult sport to play with young kids.  My kids are getting older, so now I should be able to get out more.

Relax at the Pool: my kids are old enough to swim on their own, so this means lots of down time for me :)

Train my new puppy: We adopted a Lab/Husky this month.  He is so adorable, but needs to be trained! 

Travel with my Family: We are planning a trip to Florida this summer!  I love the beach.

Organize, Organize, Organize!  I was thrown into my brand new classroom last year just 2 days before school started.  I never really felt like things were put away correctly.  I can't wait to spend some time creating, and organizing, and getting rid of junk I do not use anymore!

This should be enough to get me started!!!
What is on your summer bucket list????

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great End of the Year Math Station & BIG SALE

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The number scroll to 500 is taller than a kinder kid.

My kids love to write their numbers.  I decided to challenge my kinders.... I made number scrolls for them to write their numbers to 500!  I told them if they made it, they would get a small treat, and they could choose 2 adults in our building to go and show off their work to.  I can NOT believe how motivated they are.  They were asked to work on these number scrolls during free choice time.  I had 3 kids get to 500 in 2 days, and many are close.  

Directions for number scrolls.  You need  a paper towel roll and 5 hundred charts in different colors.  I taped all of my charts together with scotch tape, you could use glue, or staples too.  I taped the last chart on the paper towel roll with masking tape.  
They love to unroll them and hold them up.  The charts are taller than they are :)

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