Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun Clock Homework!

Telling Time with the Bunnies!
My students actually beg to take some homework home.  This could be due to the fact they get to take home some adorable stuffed bunnies.  Each student gets to take a turn having the bunny math homework box at home.  They get to "teach" the bunnies how to tell time.  

They also have a little clock book to complete at home.  I got he book from Enchanted Learning.  They fill in the clocks to show what time they wake up, what time they eat lunch, and what time they go to bed.  When they return the bunny box the next day they get to read their clock book to the class.  

I also have a traveling class dog that gets fed CVC bones!  

This is what they get in their little homework box.

The homework directions are right on the box.

Next, I want a stuffed animal for writing.  I need to come up with an idea for this....