Saturday, January 21, 2012

100th Day and 100 Followers!!!

How special for me...  We celebrated our 100th day this week, and I got my 100th blog follower! 
(My special 100th follower giveaway coming soon....)
We had such a great day.  Here are a few activities we did...
*Students made their own special 100th day shirts at home to wear on our special day.  
I love all of their different ideas! 

*We wrote 100 words.  I made 5 posters for our class.  4 kids worked on each poster (each kid got to write 5 words.) I have 20 kids!
*We did 100 exercises. We broke it into 10's and worked on this all day long.
*We made our 100th day snack mix.
*We made 100th day crowns.  
*We made 100th day glasses.
*Read books, wrote, played games, WHAT FUN! 


  1. Congrats on your 100th follower! I love the shirt idea! I have just started a teaching blog and your success gives me the encouragement to keep it up! Love the blog... keep posting!
    Miss S...


  2. Love the 100 day shirts! I "tagged" you on my blog, stop by to see what the fun is all about :)