Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zero the Hero

Who is he......

Zero the Hero is a special superhero.  He only comes on days ending in ZERO.  He came on our 10th day.  We did not get to see him because he came during recess.  Luckily our “hidden” camera caught a couple pictures of him. 

On our 10th day he brought cookies!

On our 20th day he brought supplies to make bracelets with 10 beads.

On our 30th day we got to write 30 on a plate and use GLITTER! 

He kept coming all the way through our 100th day of school.   

This year I would like to make a better "puppet" we shall see if I find the time. :)


  1. I have a really cute Zero the Hero made out of a sock. I need to make her a friend. I will take a picture of her next time I go to school and post it on my blog.

  2. I really like zero the hero as superman. It made me smile! Great ideas.


  3. Ha! Your Zero the Hero is hysterical! I bet the kids love him!!