Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Week of School...

We just completed our first week (3 days) of kindergarten!  My new students are really sweet.  I had 3-4 days to completely moving into my new classroom, unpack, set up, organize, decorate, label... you know all the work that goes into the first week.  Here are a couple pics of my fun safari gear.  My favorite is the palm/chicka chicka tree that my husband helped me make.  The leaves are made out of felt.  We took a left over piece of drain supplies out of the garage and painted it brown.  Now I need to add some colorful letters.


  1. I love your palm tree... so cute! Your room looks inviting and I am so glad your first few days with your little ones went great!

  2. You're room looks wonderful! Can't believe it looks like that after only a few days. Great job :-) BTW I'm a new follower :-)

    Rayos de Kinder