Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Boxes

You can turn an empty cereal box into a fancy book box.  Each year I have the kids bring in one cereal box.  I ask for sticker donations and a volunteer.  I have my volunteer cut the boxes down to the same size and wrap them.  I use colorful butcher paper from our supply room, but you could use pretty wrapping paper too.  We use letter stickers to spell our their names and they get to choose a handful of stickers to decorate their boxes.  We keep these on the shelf right above their coats and backpacks.  All year long we are reading the paper copies of our reading series.  I send some of these home, and choose certain ones to keep in their book box.  We find about 5-10 minutes a day to read from their book box. They love this time.  Later during the year I give them a small journal to go in their book box as well.   This picture does not really show how cute these boxes are.  The name is down the side of the box with jumbo letter stickers.

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